Understanding The And Develop Healthy Cognitive Patterns And Beliefs About Self And The World

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o Elevate mood and develop healthy cognitive patterns and beliefs about self and the world that leads to alleviation of Leydi’s sense of impending doom. o Find out more about minor’s resources and strengths to access these abilities and help the minor to put them to use. o Counselor would use a scale from 1 to 10 in each session to anchor problems, measure progress and to obtain a rating from the client on where they perceive they are on the scale that day o Use Solution Focused Therapy to focus therapy on solution-building rather than problem-solving.

 Behavior: [Counselor’s observation, from mood, affect, etc:]
Leydi was appropriately dressed and displayed good hygiene. She was able to establish good eye contact. She was cooperative and well focused. She was talkative; the volume of her voice was medium. Her mood was anxious and her affect appear congruent. She displayed good insight and good judgment. She was oriented times four and showed no suicidal or homicidal ideations during the session.

 Intervention: [Counselor’s method to address goals and observation, general content of session, what interventions were used] o Counselor used active listening to help the minor process her feelings and emotions. o Counselor used a scale from 1 to 10 to measure the state of her inner feelings. -Ten represents she is positive and happy and 1 represents she is negative and sad- to ask the minor where she was on this scale. Leidy answered that she was at # 5. Counselor asked…

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