Comparison And Contrast Anxiety And Depression

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It takes over the mind, breathing becomes shorter and shorter, thinking is not an option anymore, there is no turning back; the only way to get through it is to push forward. It overwhelms the body and turns the head into a state of panic, the mental state is becoming corrupt with thoughts turning round and round. This is an example of what happens to an individual struggling with anxiety or depression. Anxiety and depression are mental disorders that can result in physical or mental effects. These afflictions, do have similar symptoms “such as nervousness, irritability, and problems sleeping and concentrating”(ADAA). Though they are two contrasting disorders that in the end are substantially different. Depression and anxiety are a major occurrence …show more content…
Depression is an epidemic that is prone to show itself in hundreds and thousands of individuals across the world, in contrary so is anxiety. Indeed these waves of anxiety and depression roar over any weak or strong minded soul the description of how these sickening influencers plunge into the mentality of one's self-fluctuates according to the encouragement and strategy flowing from the midst of these disorders. Depression dives into the mood of its victim it takes a grip on how the mind thinks and the judgment that comes with it. Many wonders why this misery pushes the victims to physical measures such as suicide and harm to the body. Its all in the outcome of the emotional depth into wretchedness that embraces every part of its sufferer. Whereas anxiety is seen, as mental as well, it is instead fear of the future or situations surrounding the individual. The core of this disorder is the worry of having to prepare and make perfect and precise moves towards the circumstance laying in front of them. Taking an overwhelming approach to terror in the frightful panic. Consequently “anxiety makes you think what could be, depression makes you think what should be. Anxiety overwhelms, depression underwhelms. Anxiety is fearful, depression is hopeless. Anxiety is exceeding expectations, depression is unmet

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