Understand How Effective and Efficient Human Resource Management Contributes to the Achievement of Organisational Goals

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| Understand how effective and efficient human resource management contributes to the achievement of organisational goals |

Human resources management (HRM) means the management of a business or an organization’s human resources. Its major task is selection, attraction, training, rewarding, assessment of employees and forecasting organizational culture and leadership and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws. Human resources (HR) also makes a good relation with collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and other labour unions. Human relations movement create HR which creates business value through the strategic movement of the employees. Before HRM, it was only responsible for benefits and payroll administration
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It is a continuous investment of money to train current stuffs. HRM professionals are generally considered as a reliable business backbone of an organization. Without creative HRM professionals human resources management function is really worthless; creativity introduce functioning value to management population. The human resources management professionals also works as finance personals of the organization as it develops procedures, processes and tools for line and to managements to conduct and manage the process in their individual departments. The human resources management professionals always works with other managers especially line managers to help HRM to reach its goal
To summarize the human resources management professionals’ functions they are responsible for these specific function like;
Recruitment, benefits and compensation processes, training, performance management, leadership development and legal compliant processes

ii) Linea are those to whom every employees or

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