Under The Mercy Trees By Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award

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"But he did not go to jail nor was he required to register as a sex offender. Instead he was sentenced to probation and sent back to live with his parents, two doors down from the victim" (Goldmark and Newton 2). Heather Newton is highly respected because of her many accomplishments; her novel Under the Mercy Trees was the winner of the 2011 Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award, SIBA Okra Pick, and the Women’s National Book Association Great Group Reads Selection. Despite the level or sophistication of the offence, many minors are charged as juveniles, and this is just because of their ages. The severity of the crime should decide this (Goldmark and Newton 5). The fact that this is all decided on age is disturbing because everyone that commits the same crime should get the same punishment (Goldmark and Newton 5). All people should be tried equally for their crimes; there should be no special circumstances or leniency on the basis of age, most notably when particularly savage crimes are committed by juveniles.
Not all juveniles fully understand the consequences for the crimes that they are committing, but many of them do (Goldmark and Newton 1). People always try to take the "Juvenile Route" so that they do not get punished to the fullest extent of the law. The "Juvenile Route" makes being young a defense (Goldmark and Newton 2). The defendant(s) try to say because they are young they do not know the crimes they commit are illegal, nor do they have consequences (Izadi 1).…

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