Essay about Uk Riots 2011

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Between the 6th and 11th of August 2011 thousands of people rioted in cities across England participating in looting, arson and vandalism. The rioting occurred after a peaceful demonstration on the 4th of August in Tottenham over the death of local 29-year-old father of four Mark Duggan who was a victim of a still-unresolved shooting by the police.

1. Text 1 “Experts Cite Underlying Causes for UK Riots” is a news report by Al Pessin published on Voice of America website the 10th of August 2011. The report consists of people giving an estimate of the causes for the UK riots. The inhabitants of London believe at first sight the riots are a response in reaction to lack of jobs and cuts in government services following a
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43-44). The ignored underclass forms a community and seeks to savagery for survival.

2. Text 3 “The Fightback” is an editorial from The Sun website from the 10th of August 2011. The sender is strongly subjective, because the text is characterized by a personal and biased view of riots. A negative and gloomy atmosphere dominates the text. “Rioting morons must be put behind bars, and the nastier the conditions the better” (text 3. l. 14) expresses his attitude towards them. He wants them to suffer. There is only a ray of positivity, when talking about how Facebook and Twitter strengthened the cleanup operation and the support of police. The tone is predominantly cold and dramatic. The sender makes sure to bring a little humor by stating: “If the cells are full, deport foreign criminals. Too bad about human rights laws.” (text 3. l. 12-13) and “Surely a thug is a thug, whether in London or Londonderry” (text 3. l. 24). The words are almost entirely negative loaded. The sender describes the rioters with terms of abuse like “morons”, “thugs” and “mobs”. The positive loaded word “brave” is connected to the police, who aren’t to blame for the unrest. The text consists of short sentences. The level of difficulty and formality is medium, as there is used technical language in areas such as

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