Racism Vs Michael Brown

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Ignorance has no color. Just because your black does not mean you are a victim, and just because you are white does not mean you are racist. Racism is an unpleasant fact, along with hate crimes. I could site several references to render this point, but I would like to reference a recent case, which is the Michael Brown vs. Dean Wilson. Do you believe that Wilson, the white police officer killed Michael Brown because he was black? The media as in the community along with the nation felt that this was based on race. Do you think that Michael would still be alive if he were white? I will attempt to show how the media can distort facts to sells their papers versus surrendering all facts and allowing people to decide for themselves. Color is not …show more content…
Like most Americans, you might not ask, but should what was the purpose of reporting the color of these individuals? Of all the verbs and adverbs available to these educated reporters, was that was the best they could do? At first appearance, this was a clear case of racism and a hate crime. A friend of Michael reports that Michael was not doing anything besides just walking down the street. The police officer, Wilson pulled up on them and made them get up on the sidewalk, and then threatened to shoot Michael. Eventually, Michael ran only to turn around raise his hands and claimed that he was unarmed, and then the officer shot him. This story would become infamous as hands up. The newspapers ran with this account without investigating any other facts. Most assumed as the reporters did since the Ferguson Police chief was withholding his side of the story until a complete investigation would be performed, that this meant the officer was guilty. For the police officers safety, the identity of the officer involved was not given to avoid another hate crime. Due to the poor reporting regarding this case, many riots broke out; this became a national situation where people were protesting across the country demanding the officer to be discharged from his job. Later, curfews would be implemented for all people’s safety. For weeks, this behavior would continue across the nation, all because a white police officer shot an unarmed black teenager. Now, I will ask again, do you think this would have played out in the same fashion had Michael Brown been white, or Dean Wilson had been black? Do you think Al Sharpton with the NAACP would have played a different role here and if so, what? Too often, we make assumptions about what we think instead of what we

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