Who Needs A Ride?

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Romon GrayComp 1P. Croswell17 September 2017Who Needs A Ride?There are various forms of transportation in the world— cars, bikes, trains, and airplanes are a few of the ways that people transport each day. In larger cities, mobile services are provided for people to get to where they need to be without having to drive or walk. There are also services, such as Taxi and Uber that provide people with a way to travel. Taxi services areprovided any moment they are called, but with Uber, services must be requested in advance. In addition, there are certain requirements one must meet before being able to drive for Taxi or Uber, certain rules and regulations must be followed, and the salaries of the drivers also vary. Jemma Castle (2017), states that …show more content…
citizenship in order to qualify for the job. In order to ensure the safety of our citizens, this requirement is a vital part of becoming a Taxi driver. Once a Taxi driver is approved for the job, there are also rules and regulations that mustbe followed. Taxi drivers must have “good communication skills, obey traffic laws, and maintain a clean vehicle (“Driving a Taxi”). It is their job to safely transport people from one place toanother and following these regulations will help make this possible.According to the article, “Driving a Taxi,” taxi prices are regulated and have set maximum prices. The price for Taxis depends on the state— day rate, overnight rate, and peak rates are how the rates are determined. The Taxi drivers’ salaries may be considered to be on the “lower end of the payment spectrum;” however, the majority of drivers make their money through tips (“Driving a Taxi”). Taxi drivers have to take a few different aspects into account when considering their expected salary. Four important things that should be considered are whether the taxi car is owned by the driver or whether or not they work forthe company, the type of vehicle they will drive, the time of day they are working, and importantly, money madethrough tips from passengers (“Driving a Taxi”).In contrast to traditional Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, or “driver partners” are able to use their own cars and set their own schedule with shifts that meet their needs. Similar to Taxi drivers, Uber drivers must also meet certain requirements before official qualification of the job.According to Doug, Cindy, Manon, Ctrou,Samir, Anhelita, & Jane, Uber drivers are required to “be a minimum of 21 years of age, provide insurance with his or her name, and an in statedriver’s license.” These requirements assist in making sure that riders are safe, and if something

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