Uber Plays Dirty Business Analysis

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Uber Plays Dirty A new type of business has entered the transportation industry in America. Uber is a company that operates much like a taxi service, but uses a smart phone and individual contractors to perform transportation services. A new company called Lyft has entered the market place, and Uber has responded by using unethical business tactics in an attempt to keep Uber out of the industry.
History of Uber and Lyft Uber was a start-up company that started over five years ago (Lashinsky, 2015). They quickly formed a sustainable customer basis with their new product. The company was able to provide a service similar to a taxi service. However, customers order their transportation car through their smart phone. All that is needed
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Thiel is a stakeholder in Lyft, and a co-founder of PayPal (Ethical Leaderhip, n.d.). Chris MacDonald, co-editor of the Business Ethics Journal Review, states, “No matter how disruptive or innovative your business is, there are still ethical values that are fundamental that businesses have to pay attention to. All business relies on some sense of ethics because that’s what differentiates it from plain old crime” In addition, Mr. MacDonald also states, “Companies like Uber have done the wrong thing in the past and still grown at staggering rates. But, when companies go too far, there are two outcomes: either customers will find an alternative or regulators, with enough public outcry, could break up the party” (Ethical Leaderhip, n.d.).
The company Uber has become a new innovation in the market that has caught on rapidly. As they have grown, there has been much speculation about how ethical the company has been in regards to its behavior towards its direct competition, as well as its employees. The unethical behavior may eventually harm the company’s reputation and its profits unless a change is made in how the company operates from an ethical

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