Advantages Of Utep Program

“The mission of our UTEP Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is to provide under-represented, low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities who have academic need with an equal opportunity to achieve a college education (Student Support Services Program, UTEP).” If you are willing to take on this extra help they are located in room 201 in the Union West wing. It’s their mission to guide and encourage a little over 200 student each year with the help of trained leaders in the University. This following information is directed towards incoming freshman to go on and take advantage of SSSP since it has lots of advantages such as tutoring, early registration and advising, retreats and the best part it’s very easy …show more content…
The have very flexible hours and their office is open from 8 o’clock in the morning till 7 o’clock in the night. After each class the students can show up and ask for any tutor you would like varying from either core classes to electives. The tutors sit with the student for how long as needed and will guide them step by step through the school work. So they can fully understand the problem or question that the professor might be asking in the upcoming test or exam. This tutoring is very helpful to the freshman the students in this program tend to have higher grades since the tutors try their best in not allowing a student fail a course, the tutors push the student and encourages them when they are extremely struggling with the …show more content…
Each year the students are required to go on a retreat and they are paid at full expense and usually they are out of town. This is intended mainly for networking among the students enrolled in the program so they can build friendships as well as build good study groups for the upcoming semester. The students in the program also have the advantage of early advising and registration. The students get to get the first pick classes before anybody on campus so they can pick their own schedules. Besides the tutoring help the program focuses on a core curriculum class and has a workshop for it to guide the students to a successful grade in the course and the instructors guide the students step by step following the professors.
After seeing all the advantages that this program has the freshman should really take in consideration to join during their first semester. The tutoring is a great advantage since someone is always available and no waiting in line for hours like the tutoring center for all the other students. Many other student believe that the early registration is the best advantage the students in this program have. So if you are ready to get the extra help I really encourage you to join if you

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