U.s. Foreign Military Policy Essay

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The event of 9/11 changed the way people viewed terrorism from 'an issue over there ' to the sudden realization that terrorist organizations now have the ability to attack globally and are no longer restricted to their region. Although national terrorism is not a new phenomenon given the Munich Olympic incident (Miller 1990, p.12) and several embassy bombings in the decade leading up to 9/11(Hoffman, 2002, p.305), it did directly lead to what we now call the Bush Doctrine. In short, this doctrine is the new U.S. foreign military policy where it gave the president can send military personnel into another sovereign state for the purpose of self-defense through preemptive strikes (Kelnner, 2004, p.422). In other words, removing the threat before the threat materializes. This doctrine ignores the advice of not just several high-end generals (Kellner, 2004, p.418), but also ignors a worldwide protest of over eight million people which at the time was "unprecedented in size, scope, and scale" (Kellner, 2004, p.424). As well, the international commutniy, including US alies further criticiszes the doctrine for being unethical (Winright, 2006, p.169)
This led to an international debate of whether a preemptive strike is legal and ethical. Wishing to join this debate, this research paper will attempt to answer the question of whether a preemptive strike would be justifiable against a non-state agent such as a terrorist group. By doing so, I would like to highlight several…

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