Types Of Practice Session At A Physical Therapy Clinic Essay examples

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flexible option instead of focusing one type of practice session. I will work with the athletes for about thirty minutes a day for an entire week and each of the variations will receive ten minutes of attention. This type of schedule will give the best results because studies shows that randomizing the variations of a motor skill will give a better retention rate with less errors. If the athlete sticks to a blocked plan, they can get bored easily and feel that there is no improvement. Also, the contextual interference effect shows that with high contextual interference practice, the athlete will be able to benefit even more from what they are learning. The athletes will be able to implement what they learned to a variety of different situations. Sport injuries can happen due to multiple causes and will often need attention and rehabilitation exercises. When a patient arrives at a physical therapy clinic, it is imperative for them to evaluate what the patient is capable of and find new goals for them. One example is that a patient might come in after getting a knee replacement surgery, in which they lost all their joint receptors, and as a therapist, I will need to find ways to evaluate their abilities. First, I know that the joint receptors have proprioceptors located in the joint capsule and ligament, which help in the detection of changes in joint angle and movement of the knee (Magill & Anderson, 117). A person with no joint receptors will have difficulty when it comes…

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