Types Of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles Essays

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The different types of advanced practice nursing roles are the nurse practitioner, the nurse educator, nurse administrator and the nurse informaticist. These roles can be further defined by clinical versus non-clinical practice. While all of these roles require a graduate level education or greater, such as a Doctorate, the setting for practice and role in the health care industry do differ.
According to the website Healthleadersmedia.com, the nurse practitioners role is to “focus on health promotion and maintenance, disease prevention, and diagnosing and managing acute and chronic illnesses (Olson, 2014). While some may equate nurse practitioners as solely functioning in community based primary care situations, advance practice nurses can function in specialized care units and settings. Nurse practitioners can work in primary care clinics; hospital departments including the emergency rooms and critical care units; nursing schools; long term care facilities and hospice homes. Nurse practitioners can also set up free standing practices in some states (nursesource.org, 2010)
Nurse educators, on the other hand, are responsible for training other nurses, both practical and registered. Nurse educators generally serve on the faculty of nursing schools or larger institutions. The duties of nurse educators can include developing curriculum, as well as developing specific courses and nursing programs of study; teaching nursing students; evaluating student progress; and…

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