Type 2 Diabetes Report

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Type 2 Diabetes Report The main idea/s in my report is giving true evidence and information to explain and answer my research question and the 2 questions that were given. Type 2 diabetes is a big issue because it can affect human body organs, pregnancy and more things to do with our body and lifestyle. It is also an issue because it is a disease that can be difficult to deal with, but can be prevented by changing your eating choices by being healthier; dieting and getting more active making sure you keep up a good watch on your body. I also think it can be an issue because it interrupts with people living stress free. It can stop people from doing things. For my research question it’ll be talking about the causes and …show more content…
Because it affects people's body’s. But also their lifestyle, they may have to change the way they do things. Eat different; trying to get use to a different eating plan can be difficult for some people because they aren’t use to it. And it would be very sophisticated to manage if you’re only starting to get use to healthy eating and being active. Type 2 diabetes can also be an issue in our community, because about 225,000 out of 4 million people around New Zealand who have diabetes are affected with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is by far the most common form affecting 90% of people with diabetes. Health risks that can be caused by type 2 diabetes is Kidney damage and that'll affect most of the body system.

What is the biology (science) behind type 2 diabetes? Well Type 2 diabetes use to be called adult onset or non insulin-dependent diabetes, and people who are overweight, over 40, born premature or have family history in disease are most likely to get type 2 diabetes. Researchers indicate the it is mostly caused by the environmental and genetic factors. Below shows a diagram of an example of type 2 diabetes and well explaining of what it is.
The sources I used to explain this were books and websites like check your knowledge and it explains alot about diabetes, type 2 diabetes and how to treat
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I found out a lot of information about type 2 diabetes, and that it can be caused by being born premature, and overweight. I think that type 2 diabetes is a good topic to research about because you learn more about the topic and it teaches you more about how to prevent or help this. Also you can get different diseases that can affect your Kidneys and heart etc more organs in the body. I myself do not have type 2 diabetes or any diabetes but I know now that it is or can be a very complicated illness to deal with, from this research I have learnt a

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