Causes Of Diabetes

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Diabetes mellitus

Everyone heard about diabetes, and we have one or more of our relatives suffering from this chronic disease. Diabetes is a condition when the level of sugar in the blood remains high. Who among us does not eat junk foods, sweets and drink soft drinks, and when we eat a little bit we craving for more. Do we ask ourselves is this healthy food? How many calories and sugar contain this food and drink? And do we know how much our body needs sugar per day? We should know the answer to these questions in order to live a healthy life and avoid diabetes.
Our body needs 12 teaspoons of sugar per day as average. But just one bottle 600 ml of cola contain16 teaspoons of sugar that are more than what we need for the whole day. According
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Diabetes 1 the cause is genetic and it is much common in children and young adults when the immune system attack and damage the beta cells in the pancreas which is responsible for producing and releasing insulin consequently the sugar in the blood remains high. The Second type is diabetes 2 which is due to our lifestyle and the type of food we eat, the people who eat junk food which is full of unuseful calories they become overweight because the amount of sugar and fat that contain, the insulin receptors become resistance to insulin and that cease to level of sugar remains high leads pancreas to produce more insulin and overwork and cause pancreas failure. There is the third type of diabetes just occur during the pregnancy called gestational diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes we cannot prevent it because it is genetic we can just control it by regulating the insulin injections or medication and eat healthy food and healthy body weight and exercise. While diabetes 2 it depends on the lifestyle every individual responsible to prevent getting diabetes 2, how we can minimize and prevent getting diabetes 2 the major problem is a lot of us knows junk food and soft drink that is full of sugar what will cause to our health and we are still eating it and being lazy, who is responsible the government paying every year billions of dollars to treat diabetic people, do you think it’s the government responsibility should make the junk food more expensive by …show more content…
you can get you healthy meal for free if you work out for 20 minutes on a machine to generate electric power, provide more activities at schools , and put exercising machines in the park while the children playing the parents can exercise and watch their children. Preventing diabetes 2 starts from me and you to the government to everyone, be healthy and change your

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