Types Of Immigration In The United States

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Brennan Meier
Mrs. Jones
English 12/Period 1
15 March 2016
Immigration in the United States
To nobody 's surprise, “The United States has the largest illegal immigrant population of any country” (“Illegal Immigrants”). When talking about immigration people need know what that two forms of immigration. The first kind is illegal immigration, which is when an "illegal" immigrant is a person who does so without following the established legal procedures of the destination country and who resides in that country without proper visas or other documents. Illegal immigrants are sometimes referred to as "illegal aliens" or "undocumented workers"(Illegal Immigrants). The second kind is legal immigration, and it is when a person follows the legal process
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In fact, one of their polls states that 61 percent of Americans agree that continued immigration into the country jeopardizes the United States. People are against immigration for three main reasons: they believe immigrants are a threat to national security; taxpayers are paying for welfare and schooling of immigrants; and they are taking jobs. In fact a study done shows “They incur significant costs to the American taxpayer. California governor Pete Wilson commissioned a study in 1994 to ascertain the cost of providing services to illegal immigrants. The study concluded that taxpayers were paying $4 billion annually in unemployment, medical, educational and other government programs and services” (Most say). From these three reasons national security is the biggest issue. Allowing people from countries around the Middle East post a major threat to national security. They are allowed to come as a refugee with little knowledge of who they actually are. A tragic example is the Boston Marathon. Two individuals immigrate to U.S. and purposely try to blow up U.S. civilians to make a point. These men entered the U.S. completely under the radar of United States government. That itself shows that immigration needs …show more content…
If government leaders came together, they could fund necessary programs to work on the border and keep illegal immigrants out. They could also come to agreements on law and how they are going to enforce it. The US also needs a stricter process for letting immigrants in with more rigorous background checks and monitoring while they are in the US. The current process involves filling out papers and going to an interview. These are two real solutions. It won 't be easy but it needs to be done the US is being overrun with illegal immigrants who have no punishment for being here illegally. The United States immigration policy is obviously not working it needs reform. Everyone has his own views, some are pro-immigration and some are anti-immigration, but what everyone can agree on is that reform is necessary. Too many immigrants are coming into the US undocumented. Leaders need to come together and fix the United States immigration problem, Because if they don’t it will be a major threat to national

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