Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay

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According to The Washington Post, “the illegal immigrant population in the United States has fallen below 11 million” (Markon). With the United States population being approximately 323 million people, the population is 3.4 percent illegal immigrants. With this number so high, there are many negative consequences. These immigrants come in illegally and get jobs where they do not pay taxes, so they are not contributing to welfare or social security. The government should create a new immigration plan because the current plan leads to less available jobs, an increased risk of terrorism, and economic problems. Although the number of illegal immigrants in the United States has decreased over the last decade, they are still causing economic and social issues throughout the country. Though Donald Trump seems radical to many people, his ideas on immigration are truthful and enlightening. He believes that America needs a physical boundary to prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the country. He also thinks that the immigration laws that are in place must be strictly enforced, whereas now they are not. He also says that any immigration plan that is created must benefit …show more content…
When immigrants come to America, they are in need of a job, so for every illegal immigrant that comes over there is one less job for an American citizen. If someone were to drive by Lowe’s, they would see immigrants sitting outside the door looking for work. They are often picked up to go work in construction or landscaping. Employers are more likely to pick up these types of workers because they are willing to work for less money. This takes away many of the blue collar jobs that would normally be available for American citizens. This is also unfair for every immigrant that worked hard to enter the country legally. They have their jobs taken away as well as American born

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