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Lesley Hornby, aka Twiggy, was considered “The Face of ‘66” by Daily Express (Reed 36). It’s no wonder why she was given this title, considering that at the time, she was the world’s most famous supermodel. Twiggy stands at five foot six and weighs ninety pounds. Even for her petite size, Twiggy has still done many amazing things, but it all started in 1949.

Twiggy was born on September 19, 1949 in Neasden, London. At a young age, it was already evident that Twiggy would love fashion for the rest of her life. She would sew together scraps and fabrics to make her own personalized outfits. Then Twiggy began working at a hair salon, and this is where her fame started. At work one day Leonard Lewis, a popular hairdresser, cut Twiggy’s hair into a short boyish pixie cut. He then plastered pictures of Twiggy’s new look on the walls to promote the cut and the salon. Soon after, Diedre McSharry, a Daily Express fashion editor, saw the pictures of Twiggy. She absolutely loved them. Immediately she booked a shoot for Twiggy, and a couple of weeks later the pictures were featured in a Daily Express Magazine. From there, Twiggy’s fame skyrocketed. Not long after her first feature, she landed a shoot with Vogue. Her career
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After she first starred on the cover of Vogue, she appeared three more times. People seemed to love her look as a whole. Her short pixie cut, her peculiar and full eyelashes, and especially her slim figure. When asked why she was famous magazines answered in a variety of ways, such as she set the fashion standard on both sides of the Atlantic.’ She was also respected for her unique style, which was created by mixing looks from both the Fifties and the Sixties. Twiggy became so popular that she was being considered the ‘most famous model of the Sixties’ and ‘the World’s first supermodel.’ Twiggy was a very well-rounded person, and modeling wasn’t the only thing her was career focused

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