Essay on Truth, Whose Mother Is History

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The quote above is view of history from Pierre Menard“…truth, whose mother is history” states the mother of truth is history meaning truth or “knowledge” comes from history. History lays the basis of new knowledge to be discovered therefore calling history its mother. Occampunio calls it “staggering”. The author states the quote as saying history does not diverge into reality but is reality in an amazing sense. This is true in that we live history because what we did previously is in our thoughts and actions all the time as it sets “reality” therefore living it as well. He also goes on to say that the quote states history is not the events that took place but the belief we have of what took place. I believe he is trying to say we like to believe more than knowing because it is the way we gain knowledge because the historical truth might be a lie but a belief can go either way establishing us perhaps for the truth. “Exemplar and adviser to the present, and the future’s conseluer is too like “truth, whose mother is history” seems pretty straightforward in its meaning unlike the other parts. This is true because we learn the good or knowledge we gained previously to make it better for the present and future and learn from our mistakes to not make it again. It is saying it mentors, sets an example and leads the present and future. Occampuino calls this part, “brazenly pragmatic”.

“Thinking, mediating, and imaging” as Pierre Menard put it, the three actions required for…

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