The Devil's Calm: Analysis

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The human mind can be a daunting notion to ponder. When the human body is provoked, it responds in vivid ways. The idea is that the mind and body are always intertwined. The further they are challenged and the harder they are strained, the response will be all the more astonishing. The understanding that together they can achieve outcomes that are enormously unlikely. Which in the case of medical conditions, the use of mindful practices can help the mind work with the body to overcome a vast number of conditions.
To begin, Leslie Jamison investigates the strange disease called Morgellons in her article titled "The Devil's Bait". Morgellons is a condition that is unknown to the medical world, yet it has impacted the lives of thousands of people.
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Carrie Demers explores how mindfulness can alleviate stress and anxiety in her article titled "Chaos or Calm: Rewiring the Stress Response". Demers begins by explaining that there are two responses that our mind can choose when dealt with a situation. More often than not, our mind and body trigger the fight-or-flight response. This response causes our hormonal signals to trigger a stress response. The fight-or-flight response can save our lives during life-threatening situations," but in many of us this response is triggered daily, even hourly" (Demers). This is problematic because it `5t causes stress hormones to continuously run throughout our bodies. However, through the use of mindful practices, we can train our bodies to respond in everyday situations with the rest-and-digest response instead. When the rest-and-digest response is activated, our body reacts by dropping its heart rate and blood pressure and controlling our breathing. Demers purposes a few techniques in mindfulness such as diaphragmatic breathing, systematic relaxation, and meditation. These mindful practices can provide benefits to our psycho-social well being by alleviating stress. Alleviating stress is important for our health as stress can cause "headaches, indigestion, ulcers, tight muscles, high blood pressure" (Demers). Demers explain that constant stress can lead to many …show more content…
Mindful practices allow our mind and body to function as one to combat a range of medical conditions. In the case for Morgellons, mindfulness can be the cure by helping those that are suffering with it to realize that the condition is not real. Additionally, chronic stress can lead to many serious medical conditions. Techniques in mindfulness such as diaphragmatic breathing, systematic relaxation, and meditation can alleviate stress in daily life. Mindfulness can help in many medical conditions, but not all. Uppgivenhetssyndrom is a condition that mindfulness cannot cure. This is due to the fact that the only possible cure would be a permit for residency. All in all, mindfulness should be practiced by anyone and everyone who wants a benefit to their

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