Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory

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Le Wang 20508196 PSYCH 291 Article Review Assignment Mindfulness was a great way to enhance an individual 's life. In the popular press article named Mindfulness Could Improve College Students ' Testing Ability, Study Finds (“Mindfulness Could Improve College Students ' Testing Ability, Study Finds,” 2013), causal claims were reported and supported by an experimental study, including the major claim that mindfulness practice could raise performances in working memory and GRE reading examination. A minor causal claim mentioned in the article was the reduction of interrupted thoughts after the mindfulness practice. So there were four variables of interest here, including a manipulated variable which was the method of training (mindfulness class or nutrition class) and three measured variables which were GRE reading examination score, working memory score, and the amount of mind-wandering thoughts during reading and working memory tests. The causal claim was generalized to undergraduates only. Though the press article presented the original study, Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity and GRE Performance While Reducing Mind Wandering (Mrazek, Franklin, Phillips, Baird, & Schooler, 2013), with tremendous details, it only grasped limited accuracy of the study. The most important mistake was the inability to report all the research findings. The article only accurately reported the enhanced scores on GRE reading and working memory measures as well

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