The Mindful Effects Of Community Violence In Urban Schools

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The purpose of this research is to identify why adolescents who are in a specific age group mainly focusing on late elementary too early to late middle school are not showing the same expected outcome to continue on to higher education. Factors like low socioeconomic status, crime in the urban environment they live in, the schools these children go to all play a major part in why they do not believe they have a chance in furthering their education compared to adolescents who are enrolled in rural or suburban schools. By using mindfulness as a way to understand why this is and how it effects these school aged children and can be used to overcome this major problem in ethnically diverse communities in urban cities.

Mindfulness Effects on Urban
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Where you come from and the communities an individual grow up in has a huge impact on the way they go about handling different situations throughout their life. This is the same for the children who grow up in these same communities. The children who come from urban communities are faced with violence from these communities. Community violence is a major problem when thinking about the health of those children. When looking into all the research that is done on these communities and how growing up in the environment affect people it is usually done on perpetrators of the violence, not on the youth who are the direct or indirect victims (Cooley-Strickland et. al., 2009). Though there has been some research advancement in what community violence effects has on people who come from these environments. There is not enough research that has been conducted over a long enough time frame and the area of research they chose would only focus on select samples within the urban environment mainly being males and juvenile delinquents. Even though, these are good areas to start with the research can only do so much for ways to show what is needed for the children in the middle of the community violence to make it out. Living in urban environments has an effect on public health it significantly impacts the children being raised within these environments. When looking at …show more content…
Mindfulness has been used for over 1,000 years but is still fairly new practice introduced in western culture recently. As described by both Karen Bluth and Priscilla Blanton (2013) Mindfulness is described as a state or trait in which an individual becomes increasingly aware and attentive in the moment. It may include specific qualities such as acceptance or the ability to describe an inner experience in the moment that it is taking place. When looking at how this can be used for the youth Viafora, Mathiesen, & Unsworth (2014) showed in their article that mindfulness as taught to youth, is defined as paying attention with kindness and curiosity to what is happening inside and around oneself, such as being fully present and compassionate with oneself and others. Mindfulness is portable—it can be applied to a child’s daily life, and often where he or she needs it the most, be it in the classroom, at the dinner table, before sleep, and even on the football field. Mindfulness is used in mindfulness practice by focusing on your breathing, mindfully movements, and bodily awareness, by practicing body scans. Practicing mindfulness can be helpful in self-awareness and

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