Trust Bank Case Study

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 The number of Billboards of Trust bank is very low in Dhaka City.
 The Billboards are smaller than the competitors in the market so it’s less highlighted.
 Not enough campaign is run around the year for the promotion of its product.
 Not enough branches are there in Dhaka city.
 Limited ATM booth.
 Small team for big work load of the entire department.
 Office area is too small for marketing and communication department.
 Lack of upgraded guideline for the employees to avoid any confusion.
 Lack of communication between the customer and the organization.
Bank cleaning and maintaining workers are not that much active to keep the environment clean and fresh.


Based on the above findings and analysis
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 The team should be extended for better work efficiency.

 Communication between customer and the organization should be updated.

 Bank cleaning and maintain workers should be more conscious and active for nice and clean environment.

Service quality is one of the major factors of customer satisfaction level. Though Trust Bank has its various products and services but it can be improved by providing their services on time and Debit card reissue processing should be simplified.  Beside their Military clients they should also focus on civil customers. They should take special care of their Non military clients by improving their product levels and service charges, interest rates of any loan and other facilities.

 In account opening process some of the customers said about the lengthy process of it. Trust bank should improve their fast service system in account opening desk.  Now a day ATM card is not an extra service for a bank but it is mandatory. In this sector Trust bank has fewer facilities. Customers face this shortage of ATM booth problem. So Trust Bank should increase their number of ATM
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There are always shortages of application forms, brochures, etc. in the branch. These Forms and Brochures must be maintained in sufficient quantity. Otherwise, customer service will be hampered.

 Banking is service oriented business. Its business profit depends on its service quality. So the service delivery of the branch should be closely monitored.
 Though Trust Bank is still lagging behind in upgrading their software system, the bank has the prospect to select high quality banking software which will make the banking operations easier and smoother.
 In general banking department it is necessary to implement modern banking process instead of traditional system. It should be more computerized means dynamic.

 Branch should give requisition for new more printers and photocopy machines to improve their service.

 Bank’s ATM services should use better technology to fasten their services.  Proper training should be given to all employees on regular basis to identify the suspicious transactions for Anti Money Laundering compliance policy.

 Ensuring transparency of its financial reports.

 Some time the branch’s computers remain out of order and it is also true for the photocopiers. Attention should be given on proper maintenance of phone, computer, fax machine and

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