Truss Construction Shop Analysis Essay

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Truss Construction Shop Analysis:
Resynthesizing and Strengthening Ethical Standards
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Truss Construction Shop Analysis:
Resynthesizing and Strengthening Ethical Standards
Per your request, further investigation on Truss Construction Shop employee, John Craftsmen case has been completed. Incident (dated Monday May, 2 2016) has since brought forth substantial information that must be considered for resolution. As more public scrutiny challenges Truss Construction Shop’s reputation, it is imperative that qualitative action is taken before it severely affects productivity.
The following analysis of the aforementioned case delineates gathered information and pertinent background
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Could he be accountable of having an assumption of risk; knowing that the machine was no longer up to safety standards yet still accepted the danger or risk of being harmed due to the negligence of the company? It is understandable that employees could feel pressured to complete work even if in hazardous environments, but if the machine was in clear distinction of malfunction, it would not be as understandable that an employee would risk such great injury. These are all points to consider for clarity of incident and to create a synopsis of the overall environment of work area.
Analysis of alternative view points
Again, additional viewpoints have surfaced and strongly coincide with behavior practices and work codes at Truss Construction Shop. For interest, Craftsmen’s injury is the third this quarter alone. However, it has not been confirmed whether all injuries were with this machine. Generally, the month of May would be within the second quarter of the year, with the quarter commencing in April. There must be an investigation of all three incidences for any correlation.
Such incidences have compelled workers to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the Department of Labor and even the local newspaper. Workers describe working conditions as unsafe and show

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