Donald Trump: Governing President

Many families migrate to the United States for a better life. However, some have problems becoming citizens, because they immigrate illegally. Throughout the presidential election of 2016 a candidate by the name of Donald Trump has made several accusations toward immigrants of The United States of America. He has claimed to send everyone that does not belong here back to their country. Donald Trump should not be elected president because it will cause racial problems, economy decrease, and he lacks respect.
Likewise, Donald Trump has stated that he would change many factors in the United States. In a recent interview he said, “...I’ll build it.”(Tapper, 1:40-1:41). During the interview he talks about building a wall between the border of the
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The main thing he has said to his audience is the planning of building a wall. The only problem with that is that it is costly, researchers estimate around $15 billion to $25 billion. He plans on making Mexico pay for it, but that is unlikely to occur. The Mexican Treasury of secretary, Luis Videgaray, stated “no circumstance”(Geraghty, Page 1), which the country of Mexico will not write a check. Many of his plans require a lot of money. As everyone knows the U.S. is in debt with around $20 trillion dollars. Donald Trump will only add more debt, which is not needed. Also Trump stated “I will get them out so fast that your head would spin, long before I even can start the wall”(Geraghty, Page 1). In order to get people out of this country it is going to require money, so they can get home. Also Donald says, “... I’m going to take care of everybody. . . The government’s going to pay for it.”(Symposium, Page 1). That is something that will completely decrease the economy, because the U.S. does not have money. All of the ideas that he has will cost the U.S. their …show more content…
Everyone just wants a great president that will bring future progress to the U.S. For example, one of the primary concerns is the tremendous debt the U.S. has. The people of the U.S. want that to be paid off, so our economy can be stable. This debt has been a problem for many years, because president Bill Clinton said “’s the economy, stupid”(Stewart, Page 1). Another, major concern for the people is the high amount of drug trafficking that crosses our borders. The drugs affect the health of many people in the U.S. One more, problem is the security in the country. With all the terrorist attacks that have been happening, the people of the us just want to be safe. I agree with Donald Trump to put more protection in the international borders, so terrorist do not get through. Also his plan to decrease the drug amounts being brought into this country. Donald Trump wants protection for our country just as the people of the U.S., and those on the opposing side.
In conclusion, Donald Trump should not be elected president. His racial inequality, lack of respect, and ideas are going to cause the U.S. many problems. Both sides just want a good economy and protection. Trump wants to create a wall on the border to protect the U.S. from future terrorist attacks. However, the way he is displaying it is making it look horrible. There is no excuse for the way he has been

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