Trump, The Business Man Essay

2295 Words Nov 30th, 2016 10 Pages
Donald Trump, the celebrity, that guy from the show Apprentice, the business man, the estate mogul, Trump really has it all, except being president of the United States. This, however, might be not the case anymore as Trump plows his way through the remaining Republican candidates of the 2016 primary and now we 're asked to wonder, where all this popularity for Trump came from? Did it start with his catchy campaign motto “Make America Great Again!” or was it when he said that we would build a wall on the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it? Trump might be a man of many words and of many contradictions, but his popularity in the bid for the 2016 election is unlike anything that we have ever seen before in a presidential election. When he announced his candidacy for president back in the fall, many of the Republicans didn 't take him seriously. They believed he would fall quickly because of the crazy ideas and real opinions that he has given in his rallies. Many of the Republican candidates couldn 't imagine him getting far, but he has surpassed all odds and has become the prime candidate to win the primary for the Republican Party. No one saw this coming and as the possibility that Trump will be our future president becomes ever so likely it’s time to look at his campaign and see what really gained him ground in securing the hearts of many and garnering such a loyal fan-base. Raw and uncut, Trump has become the face of media this campaign and it all thanks to the huge…

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