Truman 's The Atomic Bomb Essay examples

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In April, 1945, President Roosevelt died suddenly making Harry Truman the new president. Harry Truman was told about the atomic bomb for the first time and he had to decide to use it or not. For only being President for two weeks and he had already had a significant decision to make. The bomb was first tested in Alamogordo, Mexico and was successful. In July of 1945 Harry Truman had the decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. There are two sides to using of this bomb, the traditional and revisionist. The traditional view was that the bomb should have been dropped to save American lives. The revisionist view is that the bomb was dropped to stop Stalin and stop the spread of communism. There is also a moral view on whether or not the bomb should have been dropped at all. It is in the opinion of the writer that the bomb should have been dropped because Truman was trying to save American and Japanese lives and stop the war.
Even so, some people thought that the dropping of the bomb was morally wrong. At 8:16 A.M. the atomic bomb was dropped and a bright light flashed and blinded people, including the plane crew (Document #12). In document 13 it describes how Hiroshima became an atomic desert where there are pitiful remains of humans and remnants. Some objects had not been destroyed, but forever changed, clothes, bottles twisted into magnificent shapes, and stones were either oddly reformed or melted away. The bomb destroyed 7 square miles, reached temperatures…

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