President Truman Persuasive Essay

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In a altitude of 306 meters, there is a inscription of the defeat reason summary. “Due to the United State used atomic bomb and Soviet Union disobey the Non-aggression treaty, and as well as the resources shortages and some other reason, Japan could not defeat.” Japan thought they lost because the United State drop the atomic bomb.

In my opinion, I support for what President Truman did. Truman made a correct choice. It didn’t really matter whether for President Truman save the lives of Japanese. It was a right choice in the political, because it reduced the death of Americans. In President Truman’s view, the death of 200 thousand Japanese, compared to the casualties of the 400 thousand Americans, was a better choice. Though, it was cruel
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The United State wanted to showed the strength to other country. It showed the superiority of the United State to the rest of the world, by showing their possession of atomic weapons. The aim for America was to scare some countries that wanted to attack US, even on the stage of world domination.

In one hand, the United State used the atomic bombs has impressed the Soviet Union and halted the war quickly. This was enough reason for the USSR not to demand joint occupation of Japan. In the other hand, used the bomb convinced the world of its horror, it has prevented its use in the future.

Last, after this incident, it creates peace for the world. Even Japan have the ambitions, they did not have enough resource that can use for the other war. This is what I always hope.

We already see the power of the atomic bomb, thus, I think having a nuclear weapons can keep us from going to war. Because not every country can make a nucleus weapons. It can protect us.

In fact, an atomic bomb is destructive to the Japanese people and Japanese military and government mental attack. Drop two atomic bomb, it was not represents to be as the official enemy, at the same time, also broke for the successive victory. Only this bombing, Japanese are aware of their country just ordinary small

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