Arguments Against Trophy Hunting

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Why Trophy hunting can be good for animal conservation efforts

This is an interesting argument and most people, (me included) find it hard to accept. I don’t like trophy hunting I cannot see why anyone would enjoy paying a large sum of money to kill an animal that has done nothing to deserve death. Frankly, the argument is counterintuitive. How can killing animals save animals from being killed? Keep an open mind. Evidence suggests that in specific situations trophy hunting can really help endangered animals. Some of the main arguments for and against trophy hunting are,
· How can killing animals help animals?
· Other factors contributing to loss of habitat(such as poaching, loss of habitat)
· Involvement of local communities
· Involvement
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This is hard to argue because should it? Locals don’t help out because they have their own lives to live and families to feed so why should they have to protect animals that can sometimes actually be a negative part of their lives. There is a solution to this problem. Give some the money from trophy hunting to local land owners. In South Africa a portion of the proceeds from trophy hunting goes directly to local land owners. This incentivises them to give animals space to live on and makes them protect the animals from poachers. One third of South African white rhinos now live on private land. White rhino populations have gone from just a few hundred at the beginning of the twentieth century to more than 18,000 in 2016. This is brilliant new because it shows how these incentives work and are protecting animals

Some African nations have taken advantage of trophy hunting and use it to aid conservation. In 2006 Combined 10 African nations (South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso) gained 202 million dollars in revenue was collected from trophy hunting. This created lots of money and some was used to aid conservation. This also creates thousands of new jobs and oppertunities to otherwise impoverished people.
In Namibia revenue from trophy hunting is the main source of revenue they have for wildlife
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But when you look at the data we see gtaht our perception of trophy hunting as a monstrous activity could actually be harmful towards animal populations. When we accept that it is not the main cause of animal death and can actually bring economic growth to regions that desperately need it we can start to do something about it. We should be angry that African nations are not restricting exports of horn and tusk gained though poaching. The people pay to kill animals will be used to help save more animals. That is a hard fact to accept, another is the fact that a full ban on trophy hunting would actually be devastating for animals and for locals. Local communities rely on breeding these animals and protecting them helps them grow. Trophy hunting can be good for

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