Triumph Of The Nerds Analysis

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The essay I am here to write is a synopsis of the documentary entitled “Triumph of the Nerds”. Which is about the history and development of the Personal Computer, along with the lives of the people he helped give birth to this new industry? This finally put into the hands of normal people the power of the digital computer to better humankind. The computer industry started in the minds of the hobbyist who world was electronics, the world of 1960’s counterculture and intellectualism of this new age. These peoples interest was first sparked by the power of large mainframe computers. They saw their uses being restricted by governments, universities and large corporations, which did now allow them to tinker and play around with them. These aforementioned hobbyists pined and wished for a computer that they could have at home and not be told that they could not fool around with and tinker to their hearts delight. Well soon there wish was answered. (In steps of course!) With the advent of the Intel 4004 microprocessor and then came the Intel 8008. These although technically could be use in a general-purpose computer they are not powerful enough. Then came the Intel 8080 microprocessor, which is the world’s first 8-bit …show more content…
The decided to develop a GUI of there own for the x 86 computers and called it Windows. Windows v1.0 was released in 1985. Microsoft saw this as necessary for their survival and the survival of the IBM-PC market. There GUI allowed these computers to compete with Apple. There first versions were primitive but they did the job. Even though Apple’s GUI was better and more refined, Microsoft already had a larger install base because it would be installed on top of the already thousands of computer running MS-DOS. Therefore, this set the stage for all other versions of Windows including Windows 98, which is the first plug and play OS and Microsoft’s dominance in the computer

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