Analysis Of The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth Summer Reading Assignment
One of the more stronger ideas I agree with is the “No Child Left Behind Law” preventing students from being their true self. I believe this is a common struggle many students have to deal with due to today’s standards. It created boundaries that separates the students and pushes them further apart resulting in them feeling like they do not belong. Many of the students in The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth feel excluded or bullied due to this system. For example, Blue has many interests that make him different and unique, but instead it excludes him in school. Another example worth mentioning is how Eli is an awkward and shy individual. Due to his different personality he is left
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Her old school is culturally and visually different, and as a result Joy does not feel like she fits in and struggles to make friends. In Joy’s old school in Jamaica, students greatly respect adults. As a result, Joy ends up doing things that are not necessary to be respectful. In health she sat up with perfect posture as she did in Jamaica, and she waited until she was dismissed by the teacher to leave. This causes her to feel different when she first starts school. Not only how she acts makes her feel left out, but people treat her differently because she is black. Earlier in the book, Joy told a boy name Xavier that if she were to be a teacher, she would be an English teacher. In response Xavier said “What? I’ve never heard of a black person being an English teacher before.”. The racism that exists in her school life prevents her from feeling like she fits …show more content…
It consisted of a group of six to eight people who were in on the experiment and one college student. They were asked to answer simple questions where the participants were told to call out the wrong answer and wait for the college student to answer last. He believed that due to the answer being so obvious, the college students would not conform to the group with the incorrect answer. In the end, Asch came to discover that a majority of the college students agreed with the wrong answer. More recently, scientists discovered that the participants were not just trying to fit in. The brain is just making shortcuts due to them assuming that the opinion of the group must be more accurate than theirs. The Law of Large Numbers is a concept where the more measurements that are made of something, the more accurate the majority of the answers must be. The Law of Large Numbers is relevant to conformity because the more people there are that are making a decision, the more people feel that they have to conform. In other words, if there are more people who agree to an answer, the brain will assume they are correct. The findings of Gregory Berns say that conforming to the group releases tension on the brain’s decision making and also consists of the fear system kicking in. In conclusion, the brain believes that if their answer is not the same as

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