Trip At A Destination Trip Essay

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Have you ever spent months making plans and suddenly something ruins it? I recently made the long trip back to Guam to surprise my grandparents and the experience made me realize just how difficult it was to travel alone. Hectic city traffic, flight delays, and the apprehension of a long flight all make for a frustrating process. The excitement of arriving at a destination can be outweighed by the stress caused by travel. I finally arrived at the airport after sitting in traffic for what seemed like hours. As I joined the line to check in, I realized just how much bigger my carry-on bag was compared to all the other passengers. I was immediately reminded of my mother warning me that my bag was too big. Too late to do anything about it, I patiently waited my turn in line to go through the security scanner. I emptied my pockets, removed my shoes, and all metal objects, and placed my bag on the conveyer belt as instructed. When it was my turn, I stepped up to the revolving scanner confident that I wouldn’t have any problems. Then, much to my alarm the machine buzzed at me and I was asked to step aside for additional searching. Why did the buzzer go off? I couldn’t figure out what could possibly have triggered it. I knew I didn’t have anything metal or any prohibited items on me or in my bag so what could it possibly be? Then I started to panic. What if someone had slipped something on me or in my carry-on? My heart rate rose rapidly and my palms began to sweat as the security…

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