Triorama Case Study

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Learning Targets
Focus of Instruction
Lesson 3: Creating the triorama
Introduction/Setting the Purpose:
Over the past few days, we have worked to research information about various habitats, its animals, and the danger they face for our trioramas and public service announcements. Today, we are going to summarize all the information that we gathered to begin creating our trioramas (instructions at the end of lesson 3).

Teacher Note: During this lesson teacher should provide a checklist of requirements for the triorama and public service announcement. Some ideas to consider in the checklist:
● Physical characteristics of habitat are accurately represented in the triorama
● The living things of the habitat are accurately displayed
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■ Prepare a first draft of a triorama and/or storyboard.
● Use students’ drafts to scaffold revisions and edits for publishing.
■ Prepare a works cited (Noodle Tools).
● Although not required by 3rd grade standards, you may have students provide citations for the texts they used to gather information to strengthen their research skills.

I can summarize and present information gathered about a specific topic. (W.3.2) (W.3.7)

Independent Student Practice:
● Students will summarize and represent the information that they have gathered while researching.
● Students will use the information that they have summarized to create a draft of their triorama I can ask questions to help me understand discussions, stay on topic and to help me connect my ideas with other people’s ideas. (SL.3.1(c))

Wrap Up:
● Review exemplar with students as they create their drafts.
● Highlight aspects from student created drafts to reinforce requirements for habitat triorama that students may have difficulty with.

Teacher Note: The following are step-by-step images on how to fold students’ construction paper to create the
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3 - Unfold the piece of paper leaving a square.
Cut along one of the folds to the center point of the square. (Lakeshore, 2016)
4 – Overlap parts A and B and tape or glue them together.
(Lakeshore, 2016)

5 – The end product is a triorama! Non-exemplars:
The following example is a non-example of a published triorama. While the triorama conveys a habitat, its characteristics of vegetation, and animals, it does not provide text features. The missing text features prevents readers to gain additional information about the habitat’s characteristics and living things within the habitat.

The following is an example of a published triorama. It clearly conveys a habitat and its characteristics. The characteristics are showcased through the living things found within the habitat such as but not limited to its natural vegetation, landforms, and animals that call this habitat home.

Teacher Note: The exemplar provided does not include the public service announcement; it is encouraged that students create their public service announcement (PSA) using digital resources, such as a commercial video, or radio

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