Treatments For Kidney Failure

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Reality has sank in after the first week of the kidney failure news. Emotions were high and there was lots of crying during those first two weeks. I cried thinking of my children. I asked myself that who would take care of my kids when I die. I asked God a challenging question on why this was happening to me. Why me was the main questions to God. However, as each day passed, I acquired a new understanding of the disease and the treatment. Doctors, nurses and close friends in medical field took their valuable time to explain what my options were and what kind of treatments were recommended for my situation.
To overcome such predicaments patients need to follow the options given during the first week of the unfortunate news. That is dialysis. What are the options in fighting kidney failure? There are at least two options to live with kidney failure. The two treatments for kidney failure are kidney transplantation and dialysis. The two forms of dialysis are, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (Clearinghouse, N. K. 2014. Kidney Disease Statistics for the United States. Kidney and Urologic Diseases.) Understanding both treatments are very
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The doctors prepared my abdominal (belly) by giving me a surgery to insert a catheter. Procedure will take at least an hour in a surgery room. Once the catheter is in, the PD treatment is set to go. I was told I needed 9 hours of treatment every single day. I had to communicate with my family to make sure once I am hooked with the PD machine I could not do anything for almost 10 hours. My children understood and were very cooperative with my situation. I usually started my treatment at 9 PM every day to make sure I was free by 7:30 AM for my children to prepare breakfast and help them pack their homework and snacks. The only time I started my treatment later than 9 PM is when I know my wife is home in the next

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