A Long Flight Research Paper

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Have you ever spent months making plans and suddenly something ruins it? I recently made the long trip back to Guam to surprise my grandparents and the experience made me realize just how difficult it was to travel alone. Hectic city traffic, flight delays, and the apprehension of a long flight all make for a frustrating process. The excitement of arriving at a destination can be outweighed by the stress caused by travel. I finally arrived at the airport after sitting in traffic for what seemed like hours. As I joined the line to check in, I realized just how much bigger my carry-on bag was compared to all the other passengers. I was immediately reminded of my mother warning me that my bag was too big. Too late to do anything about it, I …show more content…
My splendid mood was short lived as my oversized carry-on knocked into each and every seat on my way down the aisle with the utterance of groans and grumbles from the other passengers. I soon found my seat and settled down for the long flight. The flight attendants gathered in the aisle as they went over the safety procedure. Briefly, the plane began to turn and then we waited…and waited. For 45 minutes, we sat apprehensively waiting to get going. Finally, we taxied out onto the runway. As the plane raced down the tarmac, my heart raced in my chest. Promptly, we were finally in the sky. I then settled in and decided to watch “Orange is the New Black”, but surprisingly the plane’s Wi-Fi didn’t support Netflix. I can’t remember the last time I was angry! The trip had only begun and nothing was going as …show more content…
I knew that meant we would be landing soon, where I would get to finally see my family and finally get off this plane! The plane tilted slightly to the right and began a slow and steady turn. As the plane began its slow descent, I leaned over to catch a glimpse out the window of my beautiful homeland from above. As all the houses and cars gradually came into view, I felt the grinding of the landing gear being released just as my ears began to pop. Trees and telephone poles hurtled by as the aircraft made its final turn and the tires kissed the tarmac. A loud rush of air gave pressure to the brakes, which slowly brought the plane taxiing slowly into the arrival

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