Trap Ease Case Essay

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Trap Ease Case 1) A once in a lifetime opportunity to me symbolizes, that if the company doesn’t get their marketing/sales strategy correct, within a specific time period, all their hope for the product to be outstanding, diminishes, because new products can surface that are similar and create competition for them. I feel as though Martha didn’t assess her target market’s needs and wants. I feel as though Martha exhibited marketing myopia, in which they focused on the (actual) product rather than satisfying the customer (core). I think the group would write its mission statement with the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. The mission statement should revolve around customer and the fact that the product is revolutionary and one of kind. …show more content…
I think the prices of product are too high. What the company can do is instead of selling two mousetraps in a package they can sell, just one and make the price cheaper. I think the placement of lower income stores isn’t a bad idea, however if they market their product on the internet, the company can get customers from all over the world as well. I think the company should not only advertise in magazines, which they are doing now, but also expand to the internet and coupons books, and direct mailings. The more incentive that they can give for a customer to buy, the more reasons the customer will take the bait (no pun intended). With the direct mailings, free samples can be sent, so that their selected audience can try it and “fall in love” with the product. 5) Trap-Ease America’s competition is any company that makes mousetraps, whether the other company has better quality or lower prices. There are also some poisons that can be in competition with Trap-Ease, because it does the same function for someone that needs their vermin eliminated. Any of these companies/products can take away the market share of Trap-Ease America. 6) I think more people have to be added to the marketing research team, because with more people added on the team, there will be more ideas that can be evaluated and used. The benefits and uniqueness of the product have to be communicated efficiently and effectively before customers will be in demand for

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