Transition And Transition In Nursing

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A Nursing Philosophy: Curriculum, Transition, and Outcome
In this paper, I will discuss the theoretical foundation of the Clayton State University School of Nursing (CSU SON) curriculum model. As well as how the views from a nursing theory called the Transitions Theory, created by Dr. Afaf Meleis, were used as the structure for the CSU SON’s curriculum model. This paper will also penetrate the personal philosophy of nursing I aim to implement in my career in nursing, and its correlation with the CSU SON curriculum and the Transition Theory.

Transitions and the Clayton State University School of Nursing Curriculum Model
Clayton State University School of Nursing (CSU SON) has developed a curriculum model around three transitions from Meleis’ theory. Developmental transitions as stated by Shirley Murphy, “ are based on the human biological clock” (1990, p.3). Based on this, their students have the knowledge and understanding of the development of humans and how the human body function, which allows them to plan and carry out effective evidence, based practices that promote the health of clients for the duration of their careers. Health-
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Being compassionate, trustworthy, dependable, and knowledgeable, are all characteristics of nursing that lead to the holistic care of clients. Being knowledgeable is a very important aspect to me, because with it, evidenced based practice allows me to provide quality care that has been scientifically proven. I believe that being knowledgeable of different transitions, diversity, and how to communicate clients and other healthcare professionals, allows me to accomplish quality patient outcomes. Client care is not simply coming “out of the blue”, and CSU SON’s curriculum expects the same

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