Transgender : Rejection Of Ego Or Rejection By Society Essay

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Transgender: Rejection of Ego or Rejection by Society
What is transgender? You may not be familiar with what being transgender means, so to explain, we first we need to look at the concepts of sex and gender. Sex is biological; it refers to your biological status at birth and is associated with physical anatomy, hormones and chromosomes. Gender, on the other hand, refers to social roles, behaviors and attributes that a society deems appropriate for males or females (Transgender FAQS). It is difficult to imagine how dreadful it feels if every time you look in the mirror you see the reflection of a stranger looking back at you. The image reflected was not the “real you” physically and definitely doesn’t portray the gender of the human being you are deep in your soul. You feel conflicted not only within yourself, but at odds with societal expectations as well. Chaz Bono felt these deep rooted contradictions, yet suppressed them to fit into society. His guilt would run his life for many years to come as the continual repression of his gender and sex being mismatched caused confusion, emotional pain and suffering. He struggled with fear of rejection and numbed his pain until he realized personal happiness was worth more than any ridicule he would face as Chaz Bono, a transgender man.
Our society is black and white; you are either male or female. Transgender people are biologically one sex however; identify themselves as the opposite gender. Freud said, “The liberty of the…

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