Becoming Chaz Bono Analysis

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Chaz Bono, a Transgender male, embraced his gender identity by becoming a man trapped in a woman’s body. Although he felt that he always was a man, it seemed that he couldn’t break the chains of self-insecurity that held him in bondage. It was tough for him knowing that he loved those around him, but he hated the image that he saw in the mirror. Chaz was willing to prove to people that he wasn’t always a woman, but that he was the brave person who didn’t care what others thought of him. In his case, the world he lived in people didn’t accept him because of being a part of the LGBTQ community. He dealt with not being accepted by his own community in the wake of managing a relationship with another woman.
In the film Becoming Chaz, Chaz was willing to lose friends, family, and supporters on making his decision to transition. When he was a woman, his huge breast made him feel insecure because it was something he saw most women around him have. It was unattractive and a disturbance to him and
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It was said that she was the last to find out about his transition even though she suspected what he was going to do. He didn’t know why and had no answers. Also, she feared getting blamed by the media for Chaz’s decision. Chaz wanted to show people that the issue wasn’t his decision. The issue was how people would perceive him negatively in a society that stood against transgender or even homosexuality. He didn’t do this for the cameras or for fame that sprinted his way, but for the satisfaction of receiving love from his partner. Chaz is a kind and loving man who hardly cared what people would say about him. It took a lot for him to also open out in public to the media about his transitioning. Jennifer his girlfriend stood there by his side since a little kid. He never would’ve made it this far as he believes because the support system he had was

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