Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader Approach For Motivation, Morale And Performance By Connecting With Helen

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In this instance, Fenton adopts a transformational leadership approach to bring about change in Helen to enhance motivation, morale and performance by connecting with Helen’s sense of identity and self to the mission and collective identity of the organisation while acting as a role model. However, there is no indication that Fenton challenged Helen to take greater ownership of her work and while the position in intensive care would be more professionally challenging which encouraged Helen; there appears to be little consideration of her weaknesses, Helen was initially overwhelmed by the workload and this has occurred for a second time (Langston University, n.d.). This suggests that orientation for new staff such as Helen should be realised though small planned steps and small successes in the path for before full implementation (Yukl, 1999). Moreover, while Fenton built a connection with Helen and fused their interests, there is no evidence to suggest that this relationship was maintained and nurtured to achieve the vision set out in their second meeting, this lack of communication and exchange of information may explain the failure of this initiative (Page, 2004).

Human capital - Engagement, Communication and Motivation
Strategic planning in the way outlined here provides Fenton the opportunity to develop corresponding practices that cultivate employee skills and motivation towards attainment of the organisations goals and strategies by building intangible assets i.e.…

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