Essay on Trainings and Career Developement Systems

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Running Head: Training and Career Development System 1

Training and Career Development System

Michelle De Silva

May 13, 2013

University of Phoenix

Training and Career Development System 2


A topic that is relevant to almost all organizations is work motivation. All employees in every organization are a common research area in I/O psychology. There are two types of motivation that have emerged in recent years are the driven to work and enjoyment of work motives based on the vast motivation literature. The driven to work motive is based on the feeling that a person should work (they feel compelled
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The I/O Psychologist will examine individual attitudes and their role in organizations. The role of stress in the workplace will be identified as well as describing a number of basic individual behaviors that are important to organizations.

In understanding the human behavior in the workplace, we must consider the basic nature of relationship between individuals and organizations. There must be a great appreciation of the nature of individual differences. The set of expectations held by an employee with respect to what he or she will contribute to the organization and what the organization will provide in return is the ultimate factor of satisfaction to both the employee and organization. The employee makes a variety of contributions to the organization through their effort, skills, abilities, loyalty and time. These contributions are believed to satisfy various needs and requirements of the organization.

In return for these contributions, the organization provides entitlements to the individual such as pay and career opportunities as tangible rewards. The contributions from the employee must satisfy the needs of the organization just as the entitlements offered by the organization must serve the needs of the employee. One challenge faced by the organization is to ensure that it is getting value from it employees. At the same time, it must be sure that is

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