Trail Of Tears-Personal Narrative Analysis

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One foot in front of the other. Twenty miles a day rain or shine. No cellphone and sometimes not talking out loud for hours on end. You don’t know how much you have to give until you’re asked to push past every boundary with no safety net. This is what I did in spring of 2014 when I rode my horse from Tennessee to Oklahoma along the Trail of Tears. I still recall my first breakdown, and breakthrough, on that journey where I sat alongside a rural back road crying because my gear wasn’t fitting the way it should, I couldn’t get on my horse, and I had no option but to keep walking. There is both a hopelessness and strength that comes from knowing that quitting is literally not an option. So I walked and discovered a layer to myself that I never really knew before then. While I didn’t …show more content…
There is far too much to cover here but it stands to say that I understand hard work, dedication, and the feeling of hitting rock bottom. I returned from that journey safely only to lose my horse a month later to a birth defect we never knew about. He literally carried me hundreds of miles only to be gone as I started college but I honored the journey he allowed us to have by remembering to always move forward. Law school terrifies me just about as much as it did to be dropped in a strange town to start a massive travel however I know that just like I did in 2014 if I keep moving ahead I will have excel. I have fallen down and found my rock bottom already so I know that the challenge of law school is one that I am uniquely prepared to tackle with the same determination that allowed me to leave behind high school, travel by horse 836 miles, and then get my bachelor’s degree in three years. There will always be challenges but I will keep putting one foot in front of the other and proving wrong everyone who said I

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