Essay on Traditional Family Life Cycle Stages

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T.G. and M.G. have successfully made it through several of the traditional family life cycle stages are were currently in the family with adolescents stage. The unplanned birth of A.G. has reentered them into the family with infant phase and M.G. is having difficulty adjusting to her new role as a mother to an infant. Together, M.G. and T.G. are having difficulty maintaining their bond as a couple as well as a healthy level of intimacy.
T.G.’s main task within the household is to financially support the family. He is considered the head of the household, makes all final decisions, sets house rules, and is the main disciplinarian. M.G. adds her input when needed and trust her husband to make most of the important decisions concerning their family. M.G.’s main task within the household are to pay the bills, house work, caring for the children, and preparing meals. M.G. is unable to report hobbies or pastimes that she does way from her family or with friends and extended family. J.G. main task are to maintain her grades. Lately, her mother has been dependent upon her to help with the house work and look after her younger brother. When J.G. has time she is allowed to hang out with her school friends and is not known to abuse this privilege. C.G.’s main task are to maintain good grader and clean up after himself. In addition to this C.G. keeps himself very busy with after school programs offered for free by the school.
Currently M.G. and T.G.…

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