Tracey Birdsall Character Analysis

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Once in awhile, I stumble across an unusually refreshing actor with whom I was not familiar hertetofore, but I know instantly that there is something exceptional about him or her. In the case of Tracey Birdsall, indeed nothing could be truer than that. Tracey took a few minutes from her hectic schedule recently to chat with me about her career with a dominant emphasis on her most current work, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. Likewise, she eloquently shared her unique outlook on the industry today.


RH: Why did you decide to become an actress?

TB: I feel more like I was born an actress. I started dancing and singing in the theater when I was a kid. But what really brought me great joy was entertaining other people. My first professional job was when I was fifteen. I did a Sunkist Soda commercial, and it ran for about a decade, I think. I was interested in robotics if
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She 's a deeper character in a science fiction film than I 've ever played in even a drama role. And she has multiple stages that she goes through and she 's basically taking it upon herself to put an end to the artificial intelligence taking over the world. Everybody else thinks they 're doing something about it, but she 's just like, "Hey, this isn 't gonna stop it." But then she has a lot of emotional and physical discovery along the way. And so there 's almost like this unraveling of her character as she goes through the different parts of who she is and what she is, and it 's completely different at the end of the movie than it is at the beginning of the movie. So I think viewers will be really amazed at the character 's journey. Those who have seen it say, "Oh my gosh, I was just completely on her journey." {laughs} So it 's kinda cool, and then people ask me to describe the role, and I really can 't. Other people are going to be comparing it to other roles, I 'm

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