Trace The Development Of Your Interest On The Field Of Social Work

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Trace the development of your interest in the field of social work.
Need powerful first statement: such as I have sat on both sides of the desk, looking for assistance and assisting others.
I walked out of high school thinking I had the world in my hands. The reality was I had a tenth grade education and an attitude that life was about to change.
My interest in the social work field began at the age of nineteen, while I was employed with home health agency. My responsibilities included teaching clients basic life skills, which could have involved basic budgeting, money and time management skills. Many times my job involved providing companionship; at this point clients would tell me about their different concerns or their social service’s needs.
Many days I would spend with elderly clients that would tell me their confusion about social services. At that time any information about social services was only available by looking in a phone book and calling the individual agencies. My days off were spent researching and gathering information for my clients. I would contact each individual agency to learn about the services offered and what the qualifications for each service. This was the beginning for me finding the ability to locate and connect clients with resources.
I continued my interest in social work while receiving a medical assistant degree. I created or updated a community resource manual for every medical facility I was employed with.
I became a medical…

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