Toyota Motor Company Analysis Essay

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Executive Summary: This report provides a detailed company description of the giant automaker Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), along with an in depth analysis and evaluation of their logistics, marketing, human resource management and international strategy. What is currently being questioned is the allowance of TMC to cross our borders and begin operations within our country. After reviewing all evidence found for and against allowing TMC to enter our nation, it was made clear that TMC provides many opportunities for economic growth and ultimately a higher standard of living. It is strongly recommended that Toyota Motor Company and all their business and operation activities be permitted and granted access to our country.

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This solution is known as hybrid technology and is the most promising way to achieve Toyota’s green machine.

Company Marketing Strategy: Japanese companies tend to have a different strategy when it comes to marketing, selling, and achieving. From the beginning to the near finished products consisting of many common parts, Toyota add local product features that will meet the locals desires and needs. This was made possible by the implementation of over 65 factories located in all global regions allowing easy and simple distribution to the surrounding areas. This allows TMC to realize the many benefits of global manufacturing while reacting well to pressures for local responsiveness by being able to differentiate its product among regional markets. It is difficult to say who exactly are TMC's most important markets considering the company fully commits to each region. As mentioned previously their small platform strategy causes an interconnection of international markets making one just as important and connected to the other.

Japanese companies waste less time, money, and space on marketing. People will not see many advertisements for Toyota on the television among the many vehicle advertisements marketed daily. The people in Toyota seem to worry more about the product then the marketing of that product. They believe that quality speaks for itself. This also in turn allows Toyota save a lot of money that would have been spent

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