Mars Organizational Culture

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What is organizational culture? Is organizational culture important? And does organizational culture improve companies’ effectiveness? Answer is yes, of course.
Organizational culture consists of the values and shared assumptions for a company. It tells employees what are right things to do and what are wrong and should avoid those bad consequences happen. Organizational culture affects employees’ behaviors invisibly and improves employees work effectiveness. “Culture is the most precious things a company has, so you must work harder on it than anything else,” says, Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines. (McShane, Von Glinow P 412). I will list three companies of 100 Best Companies to Work For to explain their organizational cultures.
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The “Five Principles” are quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom. Those principles will be introduced to the new associates as a crucial part of Mars’ onboarding program, also the principles will be translated into different languages depends on the geographies, languages, cultures and generations in order to apply associates work and business decisions. Every new employee will receive the Essence of Mars training for success in career before starting at the company. Specific of the Five Principles of Mars as following:
Quality: the consumer is our boss, quality is out work and value for money is our goal;
Responsibility: as individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves as associates, we support the responsibilities of others;
Mutuality: a mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure;
Efficiency: we use resources to the full, waste nothing and do only what we can do best;
Freedom: we need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free.
(The Five
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Relationship culture values and well-being. It requires open communication, teamwork, fairness, and share part of organizational life. Responsive culture values that its ability to keep balance between internal and external environment, including competitive and opportunities. Above all three companies I prefer to join the company that combines the characteristics of Whole Food Market and Mars that using rituals, physical structures and symbols, and norms to decipher organizational culture. The company tries providing high quality of product to customers; arranging employees as a team to communicate well; rewarding bounces and benefits fairly based on employees’ achievement; providing personal skill training before enter the company; also senior managers can work with employees in a open working area, and collect employees’ feedback in order to adjust their policies to inspire employees creativity. More important is the company must have the mutual goal not just for making profits and serving customers, but also being responsible for the communities and natural

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