Toy Toys Case Study

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Toys are generally referred as play things of children. Through the history of civilization, toys reflect the cultures and times which provide the children with the tools to help them relate the environment which they live. The important ingredient in a child’s play is toys. This could help them identify their capabilities and enhance their respective skills. Toys could be the development of their childhood into a mature one. Toy manufacturers’ nowadays keep pace with the rapidly innovating world and provide youngsters with their corresponding suited playthings for them to challenge their creativity, imagination, and serve as their enjoyment.
The original founder of Lego group was Ole Kirk Christiansen, who started making wooden toys in the Danish town of Billund. He emphasized the motto which is “Only the best is good enough”. This motto were still use todays. He derives his company from the Danish words which is Leg godt. Leg godt means play well which created from Latin. In 1958, the founder of Lego group Ole Kirk Kristiansen died.
Godftred the son of Ole Kirk Kristiansen had being working alongside his dad for the most of his life. He continued the development of plastic bricks and toys, which had only had been introduced a few years earlier. In 1958, the
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The political, economic, social, competitive, and techno-legal environment is some factors for the Lego Company and this could be their opportunity or threat. The threat could also be their pricing strategy because this is based on the quality of their products; furthermore, other consumers cannot afford this such expensive prices that are why they could avail only in seasonal aspects. Also the threat is the innovation of much toy industry in the society; this could come in electronic platforms using their mobile devices or

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