Vacation Scenarios

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Barcelona, Greece, India, Italy. Are only a few listed places where anyone would love to go to enjoy a cultural experience. A cultural experience is an important part of a traveling. Everybody takes vacations to escapes from busy hectic schedules of work or family from our daily lives. However, a stressful turn out of events can cause incidents on that vacation to take a toll on travelers in the host countries. Women sometimes have a sixth sense allowing them sometimes see things some men don’t see. Such as, knowing which eyes are staring down at you. Making that women uncomfortable even though she is not in direct contact with someone who harassed her. Being dressed in a certain way, having an
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While shopping, while commuting, while doing the task they would 've done in their daily lives back home in public spaces. Tourist harassment can take place in 5 different possible scenarios. The first scenario could be that tourists are being harassed by local shopkeepers. The tourists are harassed by being asked to frequently visit the shop or they can verbally harassed by the vendor 's attitude and body language to buy from their shop. The second scenario where at tourists can be or is being harassed by female or men approaching them to be soliciting an unwanted sexual relationship either by paying the tourists or on the basis of unwanted volunteered or untriggered acts of sexual harassment. The third scenarios where the tourist(s) is being harassed by the course use of language leading to verbal harassment or gestures. The fourth scenario is where either could be aggressive actions of harassment, where the tourist is dealing with abusive or insulting encounters.The fifth scenario can be crime-oriented to start off with where the tourist is dealing with drug peddlers, Metin (2007). Any of these scenarios can occur any local or urban area no matter of what the social status of the tourist is or the person …show more content…
However, with these privileges and rights women suffered to get, there are still people in the world who like to characterize and brand women due to the orthodox society and culture, surrounding they were in during developing years. This statement can be said for men and women in some societies around the world. As Rawlins points out in his article, "American women are often perceived as sexually promiscuous, sexually loose, or “easy” as they most often phrased it.“they [Europeans] think of American female students as easy or loose and I guess very provocative and sort of slutty,” (2012). This stereotyping is problematic, Rawlins quotes American women, but this stereotype can persist not only on American women but all women in foreign countries. The idea of "when in Rome, do as the Romans" is important. If "American women" wears clothing that is exposing midriff, showing cleavage, or anything that can be measurable as indecent exposure the foreign society and the people only "gazing" or ignore, but others times men find it a reasons to brand women as "slutty" and reasons for sexual

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