Essay on Top Levels Of Athletic Performance

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Throughout history of professional sports, the desire for reaching top levels of athletic performance is not a secret among athletes. Athletes are willing to spend money with coaches, trainers, intense training methods, and regulated diets to achieve the desired objective. While some methods are constantly published in sports magazines and websites, others need to be kept in secret. Between the most secret methods are the performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Although the use of PEDs seems low in today’s sports, an increasing number of superhuman athletes indicates that what is shown in the media about this issue is just the tip of the iceberg and the influence of PEDs in sports might be bigger than people thought. Therefore, how influential are performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports? Performance-enhancing drugs, as the name says, are substances used to improve activity performance. According to Jan Boxill, author of the book Sports Ethics: An Anthology, since there are different types of substances with unique effects, “a formal definition [for PEDs] is exceedingly hard to come by” (176). In the article “How Performance-Enhancing Drugs Work and The Risks” published in the website Medical Daily, Dana Dovey states the most wanted PEDs are “anabolic [steroids] and stimulants” (Dovey). “Anabolic steroids are drugs, synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone, which are claimed to stimulate muscle growth and tissue repair” (Boxill 175), allowing…

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