Top Highest Paying Jobs After Military Service Essay

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Jaime: 10 Highest-Paying Jobs After Military Service

Serving in the military is a rewarding, but challenging experience. Research by a well-known private think tank reveals that many employers fail to hire veterans because they cannot understand and translate military skills into civilian terms. Veterans are more than qualified for most positions because they receive specialized training through advanced military education programs. What follows are 10 of the highest-paying jobs for veterans after military service.

1. Aerospace Engineers
Aerospace engineers are mechanics, technicians and consultants. They strive to create a high functioning equipment and systems through collaborative environments. Aerospace engineers usually are members of interdisciplinary teams that focus on quality, safety and innovation. For example, an aerospace engineer may work with an assessment support unit to provide comprehensive aerospace flight-testing and evaluation services. These aerospace engineers may be experts in test design and planning, instrumentation checks, ground operations or flight procedures. Employers will expect candidates to possess aircraft certification, experience with electrical systems and knowledge of test procedures.

2. Airline Pilots
Airline pilots may work for commercial or private airports and organizations. For example, a private airline pilot will assist with…

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